Published 2/7/2023

Closes road 300 and cancels evacuation in Nybyen

Road 300 from the intersection at the old museum all the way up to Gruvelageret is closed due to the risk of avalanches from Platåberget. At the same time, the risk of avalanches that could reach the buildings in Nybyen has decreased, and the Governor is cancelling the evacuation in Nybyen from 13:00 today. The traffic ban is maintained in the area above the buildings in Nybyen.

Published 2/6/2023

Evacuates parts of Nybyen

Based on avalanche expert assessments from NGI and the weather forecast, the Governor has decided to evacuate the buildings on the upper side of the road in Nybyen. A residence and travel ban will be introduced in the same area. The evacuation must be completed by 17.00 on Monday afternoon. The travel and residence ban in Nybyen means, among other things, that the snowmobile trail on the upper side of the road is closed.

Published 2/3/2023

Hearing on temporary changes to the Motor Traffic Regulations

The Governor submits for consultation a proposal for a temporary amendment to Section 8 of the regulation on motor traffic in Svalbard. The proposed changes include traffic on the sea ice in the areas of Billefjorden and Tempelfjorden. The hearing deadline is 23 February.

Published 2/2/2023

Snowmobile traffic in a snowmobile-free area

The Governor reminds that only permanent residents of Svalbard are allowed to drive snowmobiles until 1 March in the snowmobile-free area marked in green on map A in the Regulations on motor traffic in Svalbard.

Published 1/30/2023

Clarification regarding VAT refunds on travel goods

The Governor of Svalbard is in the process of working with the relevant agencies to transfer the task of VAT refunds to the appropriate authority. As part of this, the Governor wishes to remind you of the conditions for using form RD 0032B (VAT refund on goods bought on the mainland and brought up to Svalbard).

Published 1/24/2023

Accepts driving licenses from countries that have joined the Geneva Convention of 1949

The Governor has decided further exception from the driving license requirement for foreign driving licenses in Svalbard. The exception is extended to cover driving licenses for passenger cars/class B, if the driving license is issued in a country that is a party to the Geneva Convention of 1949 or the Vienna Convention of 1968 on road traffic. The driver's license must be valid in the issuing country. The exception in Svalbard applies from today through 31.12.2023.

Published 1/20/2023

Temporary facilities for tourism winter 2023

The Governor of Svalbard has given tourism operators permission for temporary facilities outside the Longyearbyen planning area this winter.

Published 1/16/2023

Introduces fixed application deadlines for research activity on Svalbard

From 2023, the Governor of Svalbard will introduce four fixed application deadlines per year for research activity in Svalbard.

Published 1/12/2023

Record number of criminal cases and criminal case production in 2022

In 2022, the Governor of Svalbard has had the highest number of criminal cases and criminal case production since the year 2000. The reason is not that there are necessarily more people committing criminal offences, but rather an increased presence and more controls carried out by the Governor in the field.

Published 1/2/2023

National weapons amnesty 2023

The government is introducing a weapons amnesty from 1 January to 1 June 2023. In Svalbard, weapons and ammunition can be delivered to the Governor on Mondays and Tuesdays until 1 June.