Be better prepared for a crisis

The theme for this year's self-preparedness week is to practice. We encourage all residents to practice and take the necessary measures to strengthen their own preparedness.

Published 10/30/2023

The nationwide self-preparedness week takes place from Monday 30 October to Sunday 5 November.

At there are four simple exercises that anyone can carry out on their mobile, and many good tips on how to meet the basic needs in a crisis situation.

Here you will find exercises:

You are part of Norway's emergency response

If an unwanted event or crisis should strike Longyearbyen, the authorities can reach out with information to the citizens' mobile phones via a digital notification system. In the event of a longer loss of telephone and internet connection, residents can turn up at the kulturhuset to get information.

In the event of major incidents and crises that affect many people, not everyone can get help at once. The authorities must then prioritize help to those who need it most.

This means that many residents must be prepared to fend for themselves for a few days if they lose power, telephone/internet connection, access to clean drinking water – or it becomes difficult to get out to do shopping.

By being prepared, you help those who need it most get help first in a possible crisis situation. In that way, you are part of Norway's preparedness.

Practice makes perfect
This also applies to crisis management. Talk to those around you about what might happen and how you should handle it. Exercises give us awareness, knowledge, and training. Then we are better equipped to get through small and large crises.

The Directorate for Social Security and Preparedness (DSB) recommends that all the country's households strengthen their own preparedness.

Here you can read more about self-preparedness in Longyearbyen. 

Here you can read a comprehensive ROS analysis from Longyearbyen community council.