Published 6/13/2024

Fined 1,000,000 for having sailed with heavy fuel oil

A foreign shipping company has been fined NOK 1 million for having sailed one of its ships with heavy fuel oil on board within the territorial waters around Svalbard, which is a breach of the Svalbard Environment Act. In addition, the captain has been fined NOK 30,000.

Published 6/11/2024

E-bikes only permitted on roads

The Governor of Svalbard has the following reminder for the use of bicycles, electric bicycles and dog sleds in the terrain.

Published 6/3/2024

Fire case dismissed

The Governor has dismissed the fire case in road 232-36 on 4 February 2024. The case has been dismissed because no criminal charges have been proven.

Published 5/27/2024

Information meeting on 5 June at 18

In connection with the revision of the guidelines for the use of protective measures against polar bears, the Governor invites you to an information meeting on Wednesday 5 June.

Published 5/23/2024

Amendments to the Svalbard Environment Protection Act adopted

Several amendments to the Svalbard Environment Protection Act have been adopted today. The purpose of the changes is to reduce the disturbance from human activity on wildlife and to ensure good and efficient decision-making processes.

Published 5/15/2024

Revised guidelines for firearms for polar bear protection

The Governor of Svalbard has revised the guidelines for firearms for polar bear protection.

Published 5/3/2024

New opening hours from 1 June

The Governor’s office has new opening hours for the public from 1 June 2024.

Published 4/30/2024

Driving snowmobiles on bare ground

The spring melt is underway and increasingly large areas are now bare ground. The Governor reminds that it is not allowed to drive snowmobiles on bare ground, only on ground that is both frozen and snow-covered.

Published 4/25/2024

Fined for disturbing a walrus

A visiting man has been fined NOK 12,500 for disturbing a walrus.

Published 4/22/2024

Great avalanche danger on Monday in region west

NVE reports that on Monday 22 April there is a high risk of avalanches - danger level 4 - in the region of Svalbard west. There is no increased risk of avalanches in Longyearbyen itself according to the NGI avalanche forecast.