Published 2/20/2024

Record number of criminal cases in 2023

In 2023, the Governor of Svalbard had the highest number of criminal cases since 2001. The reason is an increase in supervision and controls in the field. In the long term, we hope that the number of criminal cases will decrease, says Governor Lars Fause.

Published 2/15/2024

Illegal drone flight resulted in a fine of NOK 12,000

The Governor has imposed a fine of NOK 12,000 on a tourist after an illegal drone flight in the centre of Longyearbyen. The fine has been accepted.

Published 2/15/2024

Avalanche exercise 17 February

This coming Saturday the Governor of Svalbard, together with the Longyearbyen Red Cross Rescue Corps and Norwegian Rescue Dogs Svalbard, will conduct an avalanche exercise near Longyearbyen. There will be helicopter traffic and emergency personnel in the terrain. 

Published 2/14/2024

Sysselmesterens time 2024

The Governor of Svalbard would like to invite guides and tour operators in Svalbard to the annual "Sysselmesterens time" event. The event will be held in auditorium Lassegrotta at UNIS on Thursday 29 February at 19:00-21:00.

Published 2/9/2024

Hearing on temporary changes to the Motor Traffic Regulations

The Governor submits for consultation a proposal for a temporary amendment to Section 8 of the regulation on motor traffic in Svalbard. The proposed changes include traffic on the sea ice in the areas of Billefjorden, Tempelfjorden and Dicksonfjorden. The hearing deadline is 23 February.

Published 2/7/2024

Snowmobiling in a snowmobile-free area

Only permanent residents of Svalbard are allowed to drive snowmobiles in the snowmobile-free area until 1 March. Visitors can be passengers but cannot drive their own scooter in the area.

Published 2/4/2024

Fire under control

The fire service now has control of the fire in road 232 and on Sunday evening some of the evacuees can move back.

Published 2/4/2024

80 people evacuated from road 232

The fire service is still working to extinguish the fire.

Published 2/4/2024

Apartment fire

There is a fire in an apartment building in road 232 in Longyearbyen. The fire brigade is working to extinguish the fire.

Published 1/16/2024

Foreign shipping company fined NOK 100,000

A foreign shipping company has been fined NOK 100,000 for failing to notify the Governor of planned tours within the deadline, as well as a fine for violating the traffic ban in the Bjørnøya nature reserve. The fine has been approved.