About The Governor

The Governor of Svalbard is the Norwegian government’s highest-ranking representative on the archipelago. The Governor acts as both the chief of police and county governor.

Administratively, the Governor falls under the Norwegian Ministry of Justice and Public Security, but as a county governor also has tasks that fall under other relevant ministries.

Published 4/10/2019

The Governor

As chief of the police, the Governor has the same responsibility and authority as the police chiefs on the Norwegian mainland. The Governor is responsible for the rescue service, and is responsible for the civil protection and preparedness, both as chief of the police and as county governor.

As county governor, the Governor of Svalbard is the regional, national environmental protection authority on Svalbard and is responsible for enforcing the environmental regulations and overseeing compliance with the regulations.

The Governor’s office is organized into three departments: Environmental Protection Department, Police Department and Administration Department. In addition, there is a staff working across the departments.