Published 1/20/2023

Temporary facilities for tourism winter 2023

The Governor of Svalbard has given tourism operators permission for temporary facilities outside the Longyearbyen planning area this winter.

Published 1/16/2023

Introduces fixed application deadlines for research activity on Svalbard

From 2023, the Governor of Svalbard will introduce four fixed application deadlines per year for research activity in Svalbard.

Published 1/12/2023

Record number of criminal cases and criminal case production in 2022

In 2022, the Governor of Svalbard has had the highest number of criminal cases and criminal case production since the year 2000. The reason is not that there are necessarily more people committing criminal offences, but rather an increased presence and more controls carried out by the Governor in the field.

Published 1/2/2023

National weapons amnesty 2023

The government is introducing a weapons amnesty from 1 January to 1 June 2023. In Svalbard, weapons and ammunition can be delivered to the Governor on Mondays and Tuesdays until 1 June.

Published 1/1/2023

Polar bears back at Hiorthhamn

The two polar bears are back at Hiorthhamn. The Governor assesses the situation continuously and asks the public to stay away from the area.

Published 12/30/2022

The polar bears have left Hiorthhamn

The two polar bears that have been at Hiorthhamn for the past few days are now in Mälardalen and will hopefully leave the immediate area.

Published 12/28/2022

Polar bear observed

The Governor has certain observation of polar bears at Hiorthhamn and encourages the public to stay away from the area. The Governor monitors the situation.

Published 12/28/2022

Possible observation of polar bear

The Governor has received a report about a possible sighting of a polar bear at Hiorthhamn this morning. The Governor is now trying to locate the bear and asks the public to be very careful out in the field.

Published 12/20/2022

Helicopter inspection of glaciers

This autumn, the governor flew by helicopter over glacier areas where there is a lot of traffic, especially in winter. What several glaciers have in common is that they seem to "let go" of the mountain sides, and wide and longitudinal cracks are formed.

Published 12/15/2022

New website for MOSJ Environmental monitoring of Svalbard and Jan Mayen

MOSJ presents environmental information about the environment on Svalbard and Jan Mayen. A new website has now been launched, with updated data from the Governor of Svalbard and others.