Fire case dismissed

The Governor has dismissed the fire case in road 232-36 on 4 February 2024. The case has been dismissed because no criminal charges have been proven.

Published 6/3/2024

The main hypothesis in the investigation was that the fire had an electrical cause. During the investigation, a crime scene investigation was carried out with assistance from the local electricity authority. During the crime scene investigation, a number of items were secured, some of which were sent on to Kripos for further investigation. The Governor has received a report from these investigations as well as a report from the Norwegian Electricity Authority.

After the investigation has now concluded, we can assume that the fire started in a storage room in the home. No faults were detected in the fixed electricity network. Examinations of objects as well as information from interrogations and findings at the scene speak with great certainty that the fire started in PC equipment that was in the room. The case has been dismissed as no criminal offense has been proven.