Published 8/8/2023

Boat traffic must stay south of the helicopter in Adventfjorden

The Governor asks that all boat traffic in Adventfjorden keep their distance and drive on the south side of the helicopter which is now following the polar bear that is swimming in the fjord.

Published 8/8/2023

Possible observation of polar bear

The Governor has received a report about a possible sighting of a polar bear in Bjørndalen this morning. The Governor is now trying to locate the bear and ask people not to visit the area and to be careful when traveling in the field.

Published 7/4/2023

Investigates violations of traffic bans in bird nature reserves

The Governor is investigating several violations of traffic bans in the nature reserves for birds on Svalbard. The cases concern vessels that have sailed within the no-traffic zones.

Published 6/28/2023

New procedures for alcohol cards

The Governor introduces new procedures for ordering alcohol purchase permits (so-called "alcohol cards") for new residents to Svalbard, with effect from 1 July 2023. The new procedures only apply to new residents, not to those who already have an alcohol card on 1 July 2023.

Published 6/26/2023

Public consultation: Land-use plan Ny-Ålesund 2023-2033

Kings Bay AS announces a public consultation of the proposed land-use plan for Ny-Ålesund 2023-2033. The hearing deadline is 25 August 2023.

Published 6/20/2023

New procedures for visa-, residence or citizenship applications

The Governor introduces new procedures for visa-, residence or citizenship applications. Appointments must now be booked by email.

Published 6/13/2023

Proposed conservation area for lower Adventdalen

The Governor of Svalbard is now issuing a consultation on the proposed conservation area for lower Adventdalen. The consultation deadline is 15 October 2023.

Published 6/9/2023

All dogs must be on a leash

The Governor reminds that all dogs in Svalbard must be on a leash from 15 May to 15 August. 

Published 6/7/2023

Report if you find dead birds

The public is asked to contact the Governor if dead wild birds are found in Svalbard. Do not touch dead birds, but feel free to take a picture and contact us.

Published 6/6/2023

Open consultation meeting on conservation plan for lower Adventdalen

The Governor of Svalbard will hold an open consultation meeting on the proposed protection of the lower Adventdalen on Tuesday 13 June at 18:00. The meeting will be in Norwegian.