Published 4/19/2024

Launches guide for beach clean-up

The Norwegian Environment Agency and the Governor have created a guide for anyone who wants to organize beach clean-up campaigns on Svalbard. The guide is available in both Norwegian and English.

Published 4/8/2024

Open days at Fredheim

The Governor of Svalbard is opening Fredheim for permanent residents for two days this spring in collaboration with Svalbard Museum.

Published 3/26/2024

Application for temporary facilities for summer 2024

Permission from the Governor is required for all temporary facilities to be used for camping for the public for a week or more this summer. The deadline to apply is 19 April 2024.

Published 3/25/2024

Travel on sea ice

The Governor wishes everyone a good and safe Easter and if you are going out on a trip, it is a good idea to have a look at the traffic regulations on sea ice.

Published 3/22/2024

Fined for illegal driving on sea ice

Three persons have been fined 12,500 each for driving on the sea ice in Tempelfjorden. The fines have been accepted.

Published 3/22/2024

Keep your mobile on when you go on a trip

One of the Governor's rescue helicopters is installed with the mobile phone detection system "Lifeseeker" installed. The system can detect and locate mobile phones in areas without coverage and in bad weather. It is therefore recommended that you have your mobile phone switched on when you are on a trip in Svalbard.

Published 3/22/2024

Opening hours at Easter

The Governor has the following opening hours during Easter week:

Published 3/19/2024, Last edited 3/22/2024

Exercise caution when breaking ice

The Governor reminds of the Svalbard Environment Act's provision on careful passage.

Published 3/4/2024

Temporary change to regulation on motor traffic in Svalbard

The Governor of Svalbard has decided to temporarily change the regulation on motor traffic in Svalbard. The changes will apply until 1 June 2024. The background for the regulation is the need to protect habitats and avoid disturbance of ice-dependent species.

Published 2/23/2024

Amendments to environmental regulations in Svalbard

The Norwegian Government has adopted several amendments to the environmental regulations in Svalbard. The purpose is to protect wildlife, and one of the largest wilderness areas left in Europe. The amendments entry into force 1 January 2025.