Published 7/15/2022

Illegal weapons on ships

A foreign shipping company has brought 50 weapons and a significant amount of ammunition to Svalbard without the necessary permission from the police.

Published 6/16/2022

Are you unsure where there is a traffic ban?

THE SVALBARD MAP is the Norwegian Polar Institute's interactive thematic atlas of Svalbard, which offers a display of a rich range of environmental datasets. Here you can choose between different topics, including traffic which further gives you the digital boundaries of the no-traffic zones in the map. You will find the map here.

Published 6/10/2022

Traffic ban on Mariaholmen, Midterhuksletta and Eholmen

The Governor reminds that on Mariaholmen, Midterhuksletta and Eholmen in Van Mijenfjorden National Park there is a traffic ban between 15 May - 15 August due to wildlife. The prohibition zone extends 100 meters from land. See map in the protection regulations.

Published 6/7/2022

Restraint for all dogs

The Governor remaninds that there is restraint on all of Svalbard for all dog breeds  from 15 May to 15 August.

Published 5/18/2022

Investigating disturbance of polar bears

The Governor has received several reports of searching of and possible illegal disturbance of polar bears. - We will follow up on tips and have started investigation on a specific case, says vice governor Sølvi Elvedahl.

Published 5/5/2022

Border of Travelers to and from Svalbard

From 6 May, the Governor will have the opportunity to carry out ID control of travelers to and from Svalbard by plane and boat. - To begin with, the inspections will be sporadic, and primarily concentrated on charter flights that come directly to Svalbard from abroad, says Chief Superintendent Stein Olav Bredli.

Published 4/29/2022

Breaking fjord ice is prohibited

The Governor has received reports of breaking fjord ice. According to the Svalbard Environmental Protection Act, this is not permitted.

Published 4/20/2022

Todalen / Gangdalen is closed for snowmobiling

In connection with Svalbard ski marathon, the Governor has decided to close Todalen and Gangdalen for snowmobiling from Friday 22 April at 18.00 to Saturday 23 April at 15.00.

Published 4/13/2022

Questions about weapon applications

The Governor is using extra resources to reduce the case processing time for both applications for the purchase of weapons and loan licenses. As a result, the case processing time is now significantly reduced in most cases. - We prioritize the processing of applications. We therefore do not have the opportunity to use resources to respond to inquiries from individuals about the status of their application, and ask the public not to contact us about this, either by phone or email. We process the applications as quickly as possible, says Police Chief Superintendent Stein Olav Bredli.

Published 3/15/2022

Advice on selv-preparedness

Even though we live in a safe society, unwanted incidents can also occur with us on Svalbard. Then it is important that as many of us as possible are able to manage themselves for at least three days, without access to important resources such as electricity, internet, water and food.