New website for MOSJ Environmental monitoring of Svalbard and Jan Mayen

Arctic fox in Ny-Ålesund. Photo: Elin M. Lien/Governor of Svalbard.

MOSJ presents environmental information about the environment on Svalbard and Jan Mayen. A new website has now been launched, with updated data from the Governor of Svalbard and others.

This content is more than one year old. The information may therefore be out of date.

Published 12/15/2022

MOSJ is a government system for environmental monitoring of Svalbard, Jan Mayen and the nearby sea areas and presents environmental information that is strategically important for politicians and administration. Relevant research results and monitoring data from a number of Norwegian institutions are reported to this system.

The information is then published on the MOSJ website, which is open to all interested parties.

The Norwegian Polar Institute is responsible for operating and developing MOSJ, in close collaboration with other professional environments. The data in MOSJ comes from many institutions that carry out monitoring. Most of the data is updated every year. The largest data suppliers to MOSJ are:

  • The Governor of Svalbard
  • Institute of Marine Research
  • Norwegian Institute for Air Research
  • Meteorological Institute
  • Norwegian Institute for Natural Research
  • Norwegian Polar Institute

The website has now been launched in a new visual look with lots of new content. A number of indicators and datasets have recently been updated, including:

  • Hunting and trapping of arctic foxes (Governor of Svalbard)
  • Arctic fox (Norwegian Polar Institute)
  • Biomass of polar cod in the Barents Sea (Institute of Marine Research)
  • UV in Ny-Ålesund (NILU)
  • Air temperature and precipitation (Meteorological Institute)

The website can be found here:

Updated information from the Governor on hunting and trapping of arctic foxes: