Published 2/2/2022

Easing the rules for testing before travel to Svalbard

The government is easing the rules for travel to Svalbard. Permanent residents of Svalbard, people who are fully vaccinated and people who have undergone covid-19, no longer must be tested before leaving for Svalbard, the government states in a press release. All persons arriving in Svalbard must still be tested for SARS-CoV-2 within 24 hours of arrival. The new rules came into force at 23:00 on Tuesday 1 February.

Published 1/31/2022

Snowmobile driving in the area with ban on snowmobile traffic

The Governor reminds that only permanent residents on Svalbard are allowed to drive snowmobiles in the area with ban on snowmobile traffic until March 1, marked with green on map A.

Published 1/11/2022

Status Covid 19 on Svalbard week 1

Week 1 2022, 13 positive samples were registered for Covid 19 in Longyearbyen. Omicron has been detected in four of these.

Published 12/21/2021

Distribution of self-tests to Travelers by plane to Svalbard

The Governor has now established a system for distributing Covid self-tests to travelers flying to Svalbard.

Published 12/17/2021

Requirement for rapid Covid-test after arrival on Svalbard

The Government has decided that persons arriving in Svalbard must test for SARS-CoV-2 within 24 hours of arrival. The test must be an antigen rapid test (self-test). The requirement also applies to those who have been fully vaccinated or have undergone Covid-19. This applies from 19 December 2021 at 24:00. The Governor is working on a system for distributing free self-tests on arrival Svalbard.

Published 12/3/2021

Covid test when you travel to Svalbard - updated information

The requirement for a negative covid test before travelling Svalbard applies to everyone - including fully vaccinated. Permanent residents of Svalbard will receive a free test at Gardermoen and in the center of Tromsø, the Government writes in a press release on Friday afternoon.

Published 11/30/2021

Online solution for notifcation of travel plans

The Governors online solution for notification of travel plans is now up and running again.

Published 11/19/2021

The Covid self-test distribution station opens on Monday

Longyearbyen lokalstyre opens the distribution station for self-tests on Monday 22 November. The station is in the parking lot by Longyear 78° and is open from 11:00 to 14:00 on weekdays.

Published 11/11/2021

Measures against Covid 19 in Longyearbyen

Due to the fact that several cases of Covid-19 have now been registered in Longyearbyen, the chief infection control doctor recommends several measures. Longyearbyen lokalstyre will also hand out free self-tests.

Published 10/29/2021

Form problems for tour operators

The Governor experiences that tour operators have problems with filling in and submitting the electronic form for notification of travel plans. on Svalbard. We ask that tour operators wait until the problem is resolved. We apologize for the extra work this entails.