The Norwegian Customs Service takes over responsibility for the VAT refund form in Svalbard

From 1 April 2023, there will be a change in routines for stamping VAT refund forms in Svalbard.

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Published 3/20/2023

From 1 April, all inquiries regarding the form for reimbursement of VAT, RD-0032, must be addressed to the Norwegian Customs Service, and not to the Governor of Svalbard.

The Norwegian Customs Service has an office at Elvesletta road 509-1 and their opening hours are Mondays from 08.00 to 11.30 and from 12.30 to 17.00.

They can also be contacted by phone: +47 77 02 90 09.

It will be possible to be contact them on all working days of the week if they are present at the office. The Norwegian Customs Service points out that in addition to the announced opening hours, there will be days/times when they are not present at the office due to other assignments.