Captain sentenced for violation of traffic ban

A captain of a foreign sailing boat has been convicted in Nord-Troms and Senja District Court for violating the traffic ban in the Bjørnøya nature reserve. The penalty is a fine of NOK 24,000. In addition, the captain is ordered to pay NOK 3,000 in court costs.

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Published 10/7/2022

It was in June this year that the sailboat entered the no-traffic zone at the southern end of Bjørnøya. This was observed by the Coast Guard who reported to the Governor of Svalbard.

On 1 July 2022, the Governor presented the captain with a fine of NOK 20,000, which was not accepted. The case was then brought before Nord-Troms and Senja district court, which has now fined the captain NOK 24,000 as well as legal costs.