Storage and transport of firearms

The firearm or vital parts of the firearm must be stored in an FG-approved security cabinet (FG is the Norwegian Insurance Approval Board). Ammunition must be kept under lock and key and separate from the firearm or together with the firearm in an FG-approved security cabinet. The law and regulations are in Norwegian language only.

Published 6/20/2019, Updated 5/11/2023

Storage of firearms
FG-approved security cabinets with a net weight of less than 150 kg must be anchored in accordance with the manufacturers' specifications. Security cabinets that do not have a net weight of 150 kg can be supplemented with weights so that the total net weight exceeds 150 kg. The weights must be mounted on the inside of the cabinet (according to the insurance companies' approval board's requirements in FG-520:1-FG requirements for testing and approval of safety cabinets).

Transport of firearms
When transporting firearms and ammunition to/from Svalbard, the airline must be contacted for updated rules on how the airline wants these transported/registered.

During shipment, a vital part of the firearm must be separated, which in most cases can easily be done by removing the bolt. On revolvers, for example, it is normally approved to use a cylinder latch, while for other types of firearm it will be possible to remove a vital part in some other way. The firearm must be empty of ammunition.

There are no separate rules for bringing firearms to Svalbard. When travelling to Svalbard, you must bring a firearms permit or declaration for lending out a firearm with you. A European Firearms Pass is also a valid form of documentation.

Foreign citizens must have the firearm cleared through customs when entering Norway.

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