Borrowing firearms

Persons who do not already have a Norwegian firearms permit must apply for a permit to borrow a firearm before they can borrow one. The Governor of Svalbard only processes applications for borrowing firearms for persons registered in the Population Register in Svalbard, or for resident/visiting foreign nationals to Svalbard. People resident on the mainland must apply to their own police district for a permit to borrow.

Published 6/20/2019

The Governor of Svalbard would like to point out that the Norwegian Firearms Act and Regulations only cover the borrowing of firearms that have been legally acquired and registered in the Norwegian National Firearms Register. 

Private individuals over the age of 18 who hold a valid Norwegian firearms permit or valid European Firearms Pass can borrow firearms without applying for a permit.

Anyone who holds a valid Norwegian permit to own firearms subject to mandatory permits may borrow similar firearms. The lender must ensure that the borrower has a permit before the firearm is borrowed and must provide the borrower with a loan declaration.

The processing time for applications for a permit to borrow is 4 weeks at present. 

All applicants must satisfy the general age, character and personal characteristics requirements stipulated in Sections 15, 16 and 17 of the new Norwegian Firearms Act. Foreigners are requested to enclose a police certificate no older than three months.

If the firearm will be used for protection from polar bears, the application will also be assessed based on the same conditions as those applied to acquisitions for the same purpose under Section 5-7 of the new Norwegian Firearms Regulations. One of the conditions that must be satisfied is that the applicant can document “sufficient proficiency in the use of firearms” for the firearm in question. This may include completed national service, activity in an approved shooting organisation, registration in the Norwegian Register of Hunters or safety courses that provide basic knowledge of using firearms.

It is the applicant's duty to attach such documentation to their borrowing application. All documentation supporting the application must be translated into Norwegian or English. 

Borrowed firearms must not be entrusted to anyone else, even in connection with delivery of the firearms from the firearms lender/dealer or returning the firearms.

The lender must complete a loan declaration in accordance with Section 6-9 of the new Norwegian Firearms Regulations. The lending of firearms is no longer time-limited to four weeks. However, the loan period must be clearly stated in the loan declaration.

The fee for obtaining a permit to borrow a firearm is NOK 248.