Driving licence

You can take theory tests in all categories and renew your Norwegian driving licence at the Traffic station at The Governor of Svalbard.

Before you can take the theory test for a Norwegian driving licence, your application for a driving licence must be approved. This is done electronically. If you do not have the necessary permissions for logging in, you can deliver the application in person to The Governor of Svalbard. Send an email to firmapost@sysselmannen.no for a theory test appointment.

On behalf of the Civil Aviation Authority of Norway, we also carry out theory tests for drones. Send an email to firmapost@sysselmannen.no for an appointment.

Basic training and driving tests
Practical driving instruction for category S is carried out in Svalbard by an approved driving school. Practical driving instruction for other categories must be carried out on the mainland.

Driving licence for category S – snow scooter
If you have qualified for a driving licence in categories A, A1, B and T you are also permitted to drive snow scooters (category S) 

Renewing a Norwegian driving licence
Driving licences and driving licence categories must be renewed by the expiry date. When renewing a driving licence, you must bring with you a valid ID and your driving licence to the office of the Governor of Svalbard.  A valid health certificate is required when renewing heavy vehicle categories (minibuses, buses or lorries). If the picture on the driving licence is too old or unclear, a new picture is taken at The Governor of Svalbard.

Lost or misplaced driving licence
If your driving licence is lost or stolen, you can report it lost or misplaced by logging in on 'Your Page' on the Norwegian Public Roads Administration's website, after which you can obtain a temporary driving permit.

Foreign driving licence in Svalbard
A person with a foreign driving licence that is valid in their home country can use such a driving licence for the licensed motor vehicle categories for their entire stay in Svalbard. The driving licence must be of a model required by the 1968 Vienna Convention on Road Traffic.