Driving license

If you are going to take the theory test, renew your driving license or register your vehicle, you must appear at Statens Hus in Longyearbyen.

Published 6/20/2019, Updated 10/25/2023

Before you can take the theory test, you must have your driver's license application approved. This is done electronically via the Norwegian Public Roads Administration's Svalbard service office (see link on the right).

Basic training and driving tests
Practical driving training for class S is carried out in Svalbard by an approved traffic school. Practical driving training in other classes must be carried out on the mainland.

Driving licence for category S – snow scooter
If you have qualified for a driving licence in categories A, A1, B and T you are also permitted to drive snow scooters (category S) 

Foreign driving licence in Svalbard
The main rule is that people with a foreign driver's license that is valid in their home country can use such a driver's license for the relevant motor vehicle group during their entire stay on Svalbard. However, the driver's license must be of the model required by the Vienna Convention of 1968 on road traffic.

Temporary exception through 31 March 2024
The Governor has decided the following exemption from the requirement for a foreign driver's license in Svalbard valid through 31 March 2024:

Exceptions are made for driving licenses that give the right to drive a passenger car/class B, if the driving license is issued in a country that is a party to the Geneva Convention of 1949 or the Vienna Convention of 1968 on road traffic. The driver's license must be valid in the issuing country. The exception on Svalbard applies through 31 March 2024.

A driving license for passenger car/class B also gives a driving license for class S (snowmobile).

If the driving license does not fall under the main rule or the temporary exception, you do not have a valid driving license in Svalbard.

You can find an overview of countries that have joined the Geneva Convention of 1949 or the Vienna Convention of 1968 via the links on the right.