Keep your mobile on when you go on a trip

One of the Governor's rescue helicopters is installed with the mobile phone detection system "Lifeseeker" installed. The system can detect and locate mobile phones in areas without coverage and in bad weather. It is therefore recommended that you have your mobile phone switched on when you are on a trip in Svalbard.

Published 3/22/2024

The first of the Governor's helicopters has now been modified with this system. The other helicopter will have the system installed in due course.

"Lifeseeker" is a completely new geolocation system, with technology adapted to helicopters and which is designed on the simple concept that mobile phones are the most developed signal transmitter network in the whole world.

"Lifeseeker" can detect and locate mobile phones accurately, either in areas with or without network coverage (2G, 3G and 4G), as well as in adverse weather conditions. This system utilizes the technology in today's mobile phones, turning the mobile phone into an "emergency beacon" capable of directing rescue resources, with great accuracy, to the mobile phone in use. By operating independently of the telecommunications network, "Lifeseeker" can be used to find the mobile phone of the missing person, despite a lack of mobile coverage. This gives the rescue team a direct communication channel with the missing person's mobile phone, and thus information about the condition and other important information that can contribute to a successful rescue operation.

The system also works with mobile phones with foreign numbers.

Therefore, the public is encouraged to have their mobile phone switched on during the tour, as well as to bring a battery bank so that you always have your phone charged. Phones in airplane mode will not be able to be located with "Lifeseeker".

Bring the necessary equipment
It is important to point out that this system does not replace other means of communication such as satellite telephone and inReach but is a supplement to these.

The Governor wishes everyone a good and safe trip.