Introduces a travel ban on the upper side of Road 100

Based on avalanche expert assessments from NGI and the weather forecast, the Governor has decided to introduce a travel ban on the east side (upper side) of Road 100 from the old hospital and all the way up to and including upper side of Nybyen. The travel ban will apply from Wednesday 5 April at 19:00.

This content is more than one year old. The information may therefore be out of date.

Published 4/5/2023

The Governor has had a meeting with NGI and Longyearbyen Local Council about the avalanche danger. NGI has assessed, based on the weather of the last day and the weather forecast for the next 24 hours, that there may be slab avalanches, or cornices falling that can trigger an avalanche, from Gruvefjellet.

The travel ban therefore applies to the upper side of the road and upper side of the buildings on the eastern side of Longyeardalen from the old hospital up to, and including Nybyen, and also means that the snowmobile trail on the upper side of the road is closed from 19:00 tonight. The ban does not apply to traffic along the road itself.

The Governor will make a new assessment of the situation by 13:00 tomorrow, Thursday 6 April.