Open days at Fredheim

Photo: Monica Votvik/Governor of Svalbard

Hilmar Nøis wanted the trapping station Fredheim in Sassen to be a memory of the winter trapping in Svalbard. The Governor of Svalbard in collaboration with the Svalbard Museum is opening Fredheim to permanent residents on three Saturdays this spring.

Published 3/13/2023

Fredheim is open to permanent residents on the following Saturdays in March and April (if the weather permits):

  • 18 March at 12-15
  • 25 March at 12-15
  • 22 April at 12-15

At Fredheim, the Svalbard Museum will convey the story of the Nøis trapping family.

The offer only applies to permanent residents of Svalbard. There is no opportunity to accept larger tour companions.