Closes road 300 and cancels evacuation in Nybyen

Map of traffic ban on road 300.

Road 300 from the intersection at the old museum all the way up to Gruvelageret is closed due to the risk of avalanches from Platåberget. At the same time, the risk of avalanches that could reach the buildings in Nybyen has decreased, and the Governor is cancelling the evacuation in Nybyen from 13:00 today. The traffic ban is maintained in the area above the buildings in Nybyen.

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Published 2/7/2023

Due to the risk of avalanches, the Longyearbyen local council has decided to close road 300 on the west side of Longyeardalen between Gruvelageret and bridge 501 (Museumsveien) to all traffic. The Governor has decided to ban traffic in the area until further notice.

There has been a lot of precipitation in the last 24 hours and, combined with strong winds, this has led to the loading of snow on the mountainside below Platåberget, which increases the risk of avalanches. Based on avalanche expert assessments from NGI and NVE, as well as the weather forecast for the coming 24 hours, the Governor has decided a traffic ban in the area between Platåberget and road 300 from the bridge up to the Gruvelageret.

Cancels evacuation in Nybyen
The Governor cancels the evacuation in Nybyen but maintains the traffic ban in the area above the buildings.

- There is still a risk of avalanches from Gruvefjellet, but there is little likelihood that they will reach the buildings and therefore we are cancelling the evacuation, says assistant Governor Sølvi Elvedahl.

The decision was made after a meeting between the Governor, Longyearbyen local council, NGI and NVE today.

The Governor and local council will continue to monitor the situation in collaboration with NGI and NVE and will make a new assessment by 15:00 Wednesday.

Map of traffic ban in Nybyen