The Covid self-test distribution station opens on Monday

Longyearbyen lokalstyre opens the distribution station for self-tests on Monday 22 November. The station is in the parking lot by Longyear 78° and is open from 11:00 to 14:00 on weekdays.

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Published 11/19/2021

The self-tests are distributed to the following priority groups:

  • People with respiratory symptoms, including vaccinated persons
  • Unvaccinated close contacts
  • Targeted regular testing of unvaccinated in the event of major outbreaks on Svalbard when this has been determined by Longyearbyen hospital and published on the websites of LL and the Governor.

Corona test for home use / self-testing of type Roche uses a nose sample and gives an answer of 15 minutes (read after 15-30 minutes). The sample is taken from the nose, approximately 2 cm in and an easy-to-understand user guide is included for you who are given the test. To be used without guidance from healthcare professionals.

If you get a positive result from the self-test, you should contact Longyearbyen hospital. A PCR sample will then be taken to ensure that the sample is positive. This is done the following weekday at daytime. Health will also contribute with individual infection control advice to the individual with a positive test. Infection control advice is always available on the National Institute of Public Health's website.


Free self-tests under the auspices of the public sector in Svalbard shall NOT be used for routine testing of employees under the auspices of employers, organizations or organizers who want testing for events.

Free tests are not handed out to people who do NOT have a respiratory infection or are NOT close contacts or a household member of a person who has tested positive. Tests shall not be kept for later use.

Remember that self-testing is useful if the person being tested has a respiratory infection but is of little use if it is used on people without respiratory symptoms.

People who are not in one of the priority groups, but who still want to get tested, can buy self-tests at a pharmacy. The tests must then be paid for by the individual.

See instructions at for use and purchase of self-test under your own auspices.