Importing and exporting

There are specific guidelines for importing and exporting firearms and ammunition to/from Svalbard.

Published 6/20/2019

Norway has its own National Firearms Register. If you have purchased firearms, and registered them in the National Firearms Register, for sports shooting or hunting while living in Svalbard, such firearms are considered to be Norwegian firearms. When moving from Svalbard to mainland Norway, you do not need a separate import permit from the police district you are moving to. The firearms permit is considered an import permit in this case.

If the firearm has been obtained for protection against polar bears, this will be written at the bottom of the firearms permit. You CANNOT bring this firearm to the mainland.

If you send firearms to the mainland in a separate shipment, e.g. in a container, you must attach a copy of the firearms permit. Firearms to be sent must be made safe so that they cannot be used (e.g. chamber lock, or send a vital part of the firearm as a separate shipment).

Ammunition must not be packed together with a complete firearm, cf. Section 6-7 of the Firearms Regulations. In addition to the requirements set out in the second and third paragraphs, the person who is to send or transport ammunition must also comply with the requirements for transporting or sending explosives pursuant to the Fire and Explosion Protection Act. Private individuals cannot buy or sell ammunition. Ammunition that you are not taking with you to the mainland can be delivered to the office of the Governor of Svalbard for disposal.

Information on the rules for the import and export of weapons to and from abroad can be found on the Norwegian Customs website

Travel to Norway/Svalbard with firearms for polar bear protection
Are you going to travel and bring firearms to Norway/Svalbard for polar bear protection? You must then document that you are allowed to bring a firearm into Norway/Svalbard.

Some countries require you to have permission to take a firearm out of the country. Check with local authorities in your country of residence.

You must be 18 years old to travel to Norway/Svalbard with a rifle or shotgun. For polar bear protection, for visitors only repeating rifles of calibre 308/ 30-06 with expanding bullets where the projectile weighs at least 10 grams and has an estimated energy of at least 2200 Joule at 100 metres distance, or shotguns with slugs of calibre 12 or more, are approved for this purpose. 

Once granted, permission to enter with a firearm is valid for up to three months.

When travelling with a valid European Firearms Pass
If you travel to Norway from a country within the EU/EEA, you can apply for a European Firearms Pass in your home country before you travel.

When travelling without a valid European Firearms Pass
If you do not have a European Firearms Pass, you must apply for a permit for temporary import no later than two months before importation is to take place.

What you must always have with you:

  • valid firearms licence from your home country
  • valid identification
  • documentation of why you are travelling to Norway/ Svalbard - for example, a work contract as a guide, visiting friends or family in Svalbard, tourist with verified travel documents
  • valid European Firearms Pass if you have one. All weapons that you have with you on the trip must be listed in the firearms pass

If you do not have a European Firearms Pass, you must apply for and bring with you a permit for temporary import.

When travelling with a valid European Firearms Pass
Go to the green zone at customs when you arrive in Norway/Svalbard if you have a valid European Firearms Pass.

When travelling without a valid European Firearms Pass
You don't have a valid European Firearms Pass? Then you must declare your firearm when you enter Norway/Svalbard. Declaring the firearm means giving a written notification that you are travelling with the firearm. Contact the customs office that you will first arrive at when you land in Norway/

Svalbard in advance, to inquire about what they need as a declaration.

Foreign nationals who will temporarily bring firearms, firearm accessories or ammunition to Norway must have a permit from the police. Permission can only be granted for temporary import in connection with polar bear protection for a specified time, i.e. the time you are in Svalbard. A person who is to import firearms, firearm accessories or ammunition must meet the minimum age requirements for the type of firearm in question and have a valid firearms permit from their home country.

When you return home
Travelling with a valid European Firearms Pass? Then you don't have to declare your firearm when you leave Norway.

Travelling without a valid European Firearms Pass? You must then present the permit for temporary import to Norwegian Customs when you leave Norway.