Notification, insurance and reporting obligations

The Governor of Svalbard is aware of issues that are currently causing problems when using the online notification form. Multiple users are reporting that they are having issues related to sending in their notification forms after being logged into their account and/or continuing on existing notification forms. Therefore we suggest that you fill out the notification form in a new private browser window, without logging in and sending it in one operation if possible. The form supplier is currently trying to solve this issue.

If you have already filled out the notification form, but are getting an error when pressing "send" you may save the form as a PDF (press "print out" at the top of the page in order to generate the PDF) and send this document to for processing. Remember to attach the original attachments in the same e-mail.


A tour operator must report planned activities in Svalbard to the office of the Governor of Svalbard well in advance of each season and no later than eight weeks before the activities are scheduled to start.



The  Governor of Svalbard sets the requirements for what such a notification must contain. Only one notification should be submitted per season, which includes all activities for the current season. The Governor of Svalbard requires that all notifications of tour schedules are delivered electronically via the “Notification for tour operators” form.

Tour operators are responsible for taking out insurance or providing a bank guarantee to cover expenses related to potential searches, rescue operations or patient transport that may be necessary in connection with the activities in Svalbard. The Governor of Svalbard determines the amount based on the information given in the notification about the trip schedule.

The tour operator is required to report back on the completed activity. Cruise and boat operators report via sailing reports.