Notification, insurance and reporting obligations

If you are travelling on your own outside of Management Area 10, you must comply with The Governor of Svalbard’s notification and insurance requirements.

Published 6/20/2019, Updated 11/10/2023

The notification and insurance obligations are regulated by the “Regulations relating to tourism and other travel in Svalbard”. The obligation to give notification means that you must notify The Governor of Svalbard about your trip if it will take place outside Management Area 10. The Governor of Svalbard sets the requirements for what such a notification must contain. For a group trip, it is sufficient to send a joint notification form. The  Governor of Svalbard requires that the notification is sent electronically.

After The Governor of Svalbard has received the completed notification form, you will receive a letter of reply that lays out how much insurance you require to be permitted to complete the trip. The insurance must cover any searches, rescue operations and patient transport that may be necessary, regardless of whether negligence has been demonstrated. Ordinary travel insurance will not normally cover the costs of a search and rescue operation (SAR). Most people must therefore take out a new, separate insurance policy for such trips. Please note that the insurance must be valid for two weeks longer than the time you have planned to be on the trip. This is due to potential delays during the trip.

You must electronically report the number of days spent in the field to the office of the Governor of Svalbard as soon as possible after the trip.