Management plan for Central-Spitsbergen

June 21 2019 The Governor of Svalbard announced the start of work on the three processes for the management and protection plans for Central Spitsbergen.

Published 7/3/2019

This work includes

  • The management plan for the protected areas in Central Spitsbergen and intermediate areas that are not subject to protection. The protected areas that are included are Sassen-Bünsow land national park, Nordre Isfjorden national park, Nordenskiöld land national park and Indre Wijdefjorden national park, as well as the Festningen geotop protected area. See the attached map. The management plan will provide guidelines for the management of the protective areas on the basis for protection regulations and the Svalbard Environmental Protection Act. The management plan does not include area plan areas.
  • The expansion of the Nordenskiöld Land national park so that it will encompass the Van Mijen fjord and surrounding areas of land.
  • Evaluation of the potential protection of Nedre Adventdalen in order to assess the need for strengthened protection of areas with particularly rich bird life.

The Norwegian Polar Institute has prepared several reports to be used as the knowledge base in this work.