Svalbard's Environmental Protection Fund

Svalbard's Environmental Protection Fund was established in 2007 as an economic instrument to preserve the environment on Svalbard.

Published 4/24/2023

The fund has been established by the Ministry of Climate and the Environment in accordance with the Svalbard Environment Act.

Where do the funds come from?
On 1 April 2007, an environmental tax of NOK 150 was introduced for visitors to Svalbard. The fee is automatically added to the ticket prices by airlines and cruise companies and goes in its entirety to Svalbard's environmental protection fund. Permanent residents of Svalbard also must pay the fee, but they can get it refunded.

What are the funds used for?
The funds from the fund shall be used to initiate and stimulate projects and measures whose purpose is to protect the natural environment on Svalbard. Both private and public enterprises, organizations and individuals can apply for support.

The Governor of Svalbard is the secretariat for the fund, and decisions on allocations are made by a board appointed by the Ministry of Climate and the Environment.

The fund's funds can be specifically used for:
• Mapping and monitoring of the natural environment
• Investigations into the causes of, and consequences of, various environmental impacts
• Restoration of the environmental condition if something has been changed, damaged, or deteriorated
• Care, maintenance, and research of cultural monuments
• Information, training, and facilitation relating to nature, cultural heritage, and sustainable use of nature

Application form and more information about the fund and projects can be found here:

Payment information for visitors in a private boat:
The fee is automatically added to the ticket prices by the airline and cruise company. Visitors in private boats must pay the environmental tax (NOK 150 per person) to the following account number:

Svalbard Miljøvernfond 633
N-9171 Longyearbyen
Konto: 7694.05.20297

Papirformat IBAN: NO39 7694 0520 297
Elektronisk IBAN: NO3976940520297