Great avalanche danger on Monday in region west

NVE reports that on Monday 22 April there is a high risk of avalanches - danger level 4 - in the region of Svalbard west. There is no increased risk of avalanches in Longyearbyen itself according to the NGI avalanche forecast.

Published 4/22/2024

The weather forecast says that there could be up to 70mm of precipitation in the region over the next two days and very strong southerly winds. Avalanches can be triggered both naturally and by snowmobiles or skiers. People are encouraged to avoid all avalanche terrain.

Today's avalanche warning from NGI for Longyearbyen has a low hit probability (green). Some naturally triggered avalanches can occur today, especially in connection with collapsing snow cornices from Gruvefjellet. Avalanches will probably have a limited outlet and avalanches that can reach down to roads are not expected in the next 24 hours, according to NGI.

Warning for region Svalbard west: Svalbard vest - Avalanche forecast |