Fined for disturbing a walrus

A visiting man has been fined NOK 12,500 for disturbing a walrus.

Published 4/25/2024

Last night, the man went out onto an ice floe in the innermost part of Adventbukta and disturbed a walrus that was lying on the ice. The man went very close to the walrus and because of the incident the Governor was contacted by the public. Parts of the incident were also observed by several of the Governor's employees.

The Governor subsequently got control of the man. As a result of the incident, the man was fined NOK 12,500 for breaching the Svalbard Environment Act § 73, second paragraph, which stipulates that all traffic on Svalbard must take place in a way that does not lead to unnecessary disturbance of wildlife. The fine has been accepted.

The Governor encourages everyone to keep a good distance from walruses so that they are not disturbed and so that no danger to people occur.