Snowmobiling in a snowmobile-free area

Only permanent residents of Svalbard are allowed to drive snowmobiles in the snowmobile-free area until 1 March. Visitors can be passengers but cannot drive their own scooter in the area.

Published 2/7/2024

The Governor reminds that only permanent residents of Svalbard are allowed to drive snowmobiles until 1 March in the snowmobile-free area marked in green on map A in the Regulation on motor traffic in Svalbard (see attached map).

Visitors are not allowed to drive their own snowmobile in the green area, not even together with permanent residents, but they can be passengers. This applies, for example, to driving to Scott Turnerbreen. It is also not permitted to carry out organized snowmobile tours with tourists in this area.

After 1 March, snowmobiling is prohibited for everyone in this area.

For driving snowmobiles in Sør-Spitsbergen, Forlandet and Nordvest-Spitsbergen national parks, permission from the Governor is required. See link to Application for permanent residents for the use of snowmobiles in the national parks.

Those who have been on the trip must also report after the trip using a form on the same website.

Read more about traffic restrictions and see a downloadable map via links.