Evacuates parts of Nybyen

Map of evacuated area in Nybyen.

Based on avalanche expert assessments from NGI and the weather forecast, the Governor has decided to evacuate the buildings on the upper side of the road in Nybyen. A residence and travel ban will be introduced in the same area. The evacuation must be completed by 17.00 on Monday afternoon. The travel and residence ban in Nybyen means, among other things, that the snowmobile trail on the upper side of the road is closed.

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Published 2/6/2023

The Governor has had a meeting with NGI, NVE and Longyearbyen Local Council about the avalanche danger. NGI has assessed that avalanches could hit the buildings on the upper side of the road in Nybyen, if the highest precipitation forecast is achieved. Based on this, the Governor has decided on an evacuation and traffic ban on the upper side of the road in Nybyen, which will apply from 17.00 today, Monday.

There are strong south-easterly winds and snow on Monday evening and night, turning to the south-west. A good deal of snow has been blown into the west-facing slopes under Gruvefjellet during yesterday, and wind and precipitation on Monday will lead to heavy loading under Gruvefjellet.

Among other things, there may be a risk of cornices falling which could trigger larger avalanches that could reach the buildings on the east side (upper side) of the road in Nybyen. Avalanches can also occur in the mountainside.

- The weather forecasts are uncertain, and the Governor, together with Longyearbyen Local Council and NGI, will monitor developments continuously. A new assessment of the situation will be made by 13.00 on Tuesday, says assistant governor Sølvi Elvedahl.

NGI is interested in observations of avalanches in the terrain. You can register observations in the app Regobs. If you do not have Regobs, information about observed avalanches can be reported to NGI: skredvarsling@ngi.no or tel. +47 99 30 30 00.