Dogs from Svalbard

A written permit is not required to bring a dog from Svalbard to the mainland, but all dogs must be checked before entering the Schengen Area. Contact the Norwegian Food Safety Authority to notify about the trip no later than 2 working days before departure if you take a flight to / via Tromsø, and if you otherwise have questions about taking a dog from Svalbard.

Published 6/20/2019

Travellers from Svalbard may arrive on the mainland via Tromsø Airport or Oslo Airport. It is also possible to arrive on the mainland by boat via the Port of Tromsø. On arrival, the dog must be checked by the Norwegian Customs Service or the Norwegian Food Safety Authority. If you fly to Tromsø from Longyearbyen, the control is done at the airport in Longyearbyen. As the owner, you must present your dog and the passport/certificate on your own initiative. You must document that:

  • The dog has an identity tag.
  • The dog is vaccinated and potentially re-vaccinated against rabies in accordance with the vaccine manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • A blood test has been taken from the dog at the earliest 30 days (and no later than the expire date for the vaccination) after the vaccination against rabies. An analysis from an approved laboratory must show a rabies antibody level of greater than or equal to 0.5 IU/ml. Puppies must be 12 weeks or older when the vaccine that forms the basis for the testing is given.
  • Documentation of satisfactory blood tests. An authorised veterinarian must document a blood test that shows a satisfactory level of antibodies in the pet passport. If the blood test is done on Svalbard, there is a 90-day waiting period after a positive test before the dog may be brought to the mainland.
  • The dog must be protected against echinococcosis (e.g. Echinococcus multilocularis) 24–120 hours (1–5 days) before entry to Norway/Schengen, and the treatment must be confirmed in the passport by an authorised veterinarian.
  • Dogs born on Svalbard that do not have a pet passport and dogs that are revaccinated on Svalbard need to have a health certificate issued by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority no earlier than 10 days before departure.

Note that airlines may have their own rules for bringing pets on board. Contact the airline for more information.

When arriving on Gardermoen, you must exit through the red customs channel and present your dog and its pet passport/health certificate to the Norwegian Customs Service or the Norwegian Food Safety Authority on your own initiative. In Longyearbyen this is done at the airport in Longyearbyen if you travel to Tromsø.

If you are travelling to Tromsø by boat, you should report this to the Norwegian Food Safety Authority 48 hours in advance. Send an email to: with information about the owner traveling with the dog, the dog's chip number and the flight you will be traveling on.

No advance notice is necessary for arrival at Oslo Airport.