Fox trapping

Only residents in Svalbard may hunt foxes.

Published 6/20/2019

Legal traps are the “Svalbard trap” and the traditional dead-fall trap. The “Svalbard trap” must be set at at least 60 degrees to the ground and have 8 mm coiled springs as a minimum. Traps that are to be used must be approved annually by The Governor of Svalbard. Longyearbyen Hunting and Fishing Association rent out fox traps.

Foxes can be hunted with shotguns and rifles within the area the hunter has been allotted. When hunting using a rifle, the impact energy of the ammunition used must be at least 294 Joules (30 kg/m) at a range of 100 metres.


Rabies is a fatal disease for humans and warm-blooded animals and occurs on Svalbard. The disease can be prevented through vaccination, but it cannot be treated after the infected person has developed clinical symptoms. The Norwegian Institute of Public Health recommends that anyone who will come into contact with wild animals is vaccinated.