Here you will find information on re-registration of vehicles, lost vehicle registration certificates, “holiday cars” for the mainland, the import of vehicles to the mainland and vehicle inspections.

Re-registration can be done via the Norwegian Public Roads Administration's online service. Please note that the service is not adapted to Svalbard and will lead to a claim for fees from the Norwegian Tax Administration.

If you are unable to use the online service for re-registration, you must use the form you find here.

Lost vehicle registration certificate
Have you lost or damaged your vehicle's address registration certificate? Here you can report the loss online and order a new vehicle registration certificate.

Bringing used cars from the mainland to Svalbard
Vehicles that are registered in Norway with white or green number plates can be re-registered with black number plates. This can be done by submitting number plates and part 2 of the vehicle registration certificate to The Governor of Svalbard. Road tax must be paid at the office of the Governor of Svalbard when you receive the new number plates. For current tax rates see

If you have a foreign-registered vehicle, the vehicle must be inspected by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration before the vehicle is transported to Svalbard. Contact Norwegian Public Roads Administration to book an appointment.

Vehicles that are temporarily taken to the mainland – “Holiday cars”
If you are a permanent resident on Svalbard and are planning to use a Svalbard-registered vehicle on the mainland, you must report the use to the Norwegian Tax Administration before contacting the Governor. See link to the right.

Persons registered in the population register on Svalbard may send and use a motor vehicle registered for use on Svalbard to mainland Norway for up to 93 days during a 12-month period. After registration of temporary use, the user will receive a PDF as documentation of notified use. This PDF is taken to the Governor for re-registration of the vehicle.

If someone else in your household is also going to use the vehicle during the same period, this use must also be reported.

The vehicle must have passed its periodic roadworthiness test (“EU test”) before white or green number plates can be issued. Registration plates must be delivered to the Governor and off registered before the vehicle is sent to the mainland. If you need short time plates, contact the Governor before travel to the mainland.

Vehicles that are permanently taken to the mainland
If you have a vehicle that is first registered in Svalbard and you plan to import the vehicle to the mainland on a permanent basis, you must submit an electronic form for calculating a one-off registration tax at Contact the Norwegian Public Roads Administration at the office of he Governor of Svalbard for information regarding the deadline for the periodic roadworthiness test. This must be passed before the vehicle can be re-registered with white/green number plates.

To order white/green number plates, contact the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Office where you will collect the new number plates.

Black number plates must be handed in at the office of the Governor of Svalbard before the vehicle is transported to the mainland.

Contact the Norwegian Customs Service for payment of VAT. Upon payment of VAT, the form “Notification for calculation of taxes and registration” is issued. A receipt for the paid one-off registration tax and the form “Notification for calculation of taxes and registration” must be brought to the Norwegian Public Roads Administration in order for the new number plates to be issued.

Roadworthiness tests
The Norwegian Public Roads Administration, Northern Region, requires that vehicles complete an annual roadworthiness test in Svalbard. The roadworthiness test is carried out by The Governor of Svalbard's garage in Sjøområdet. If you fail to attend or do not receive approval within the given deadline, the vehicle will need to be deregistered.

Laws and regulations

Questions regarding roadworthiness tests

For questions regarding roadworthiness tests, please contact Norwegian Public Roads Administration in Tromsø on tel. +47  22 07 30 00 or send an email to