Allows driving in snowscooter-free area

Due to the great risk of avalanches, the Governor allows snowmobile driving from Reindalen through Tverrdalen and Bolterdalen until Monday night.

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Published 4/10/2021

- We are making a temporary change in the motor traffic regulations so that people who are going home to Longyearbyen from a trip will be able to make a safer route under prevailing conditions with a high risk of avalanches, says head of environmental department, Kristin Heggelund.

The change applies until Sunday at 24.00. It only provides an opening to drive through Tverrdalen/Bolterdalen from Reindalen - not in the opposite direction.

Kristin Heggelund emphasizes that this will not be done every time there is an avalanche danger in the terrain.

The change is based on the fact that the great avalanche danger has persisted for several days, and that it has been an Easter holiday /winter holiday and many have been on a trip and are going home to Longyearbyen this weekend.

- By making this temporary change, people can avoid driving in avalanche-prone areas such as Skiferdalen, Bødalen, Gangdalen, Todalen and Fardalen, says Kristin Heggelund.

Under the prevailing conditions, everybody must in any case make their own assessments in relation to what is safe when traveling in the terrain.