Avoid all travel that is not strictly necessary

The Emergency Preparedness Council for Svalbard has today discussed the serious situation on the mainland regarding the recent outbreak of mutated coronavirus. No special measures are currently being introduced for Svalbard in addition to national guidelines and advice. 

Published 1/25/2021

We refer to the serious outbreak in Eastern Norway and the government's advice to avoid all travel that is not strictly necessary. This also applies to travel to and from Svalbard. Vacation trips here are not considered strictly necessary, says infection control doctor Knut Selmer at Longyearbyen hospital. 

 He also emphasizes the importance of following the other national infection control rules and that everyone contributes to the fight against infection. 

 - We reiterate the appeal to wear a face mask in public places, says the infection control doctor. 

Longyearbyen Hospital, Longyearbyen Local Council and the Governor of Svalbard will follow the situation closely in the future and continuously assess whether there is a need to introduce stricter local measures, such as entry quarantine. 

 - The entry quarantine will be assessed if the situation develops in a negative direction, says Governor Kjerstin Askholt.