The quarantine must be carried out on the mainland

The Governor reminds of the rules for quarantine after travel abroad. Everyone who arrives in Norway from abroad (with the exception of specified areas in Europe with a sufficiently low spread of infection) must remain in quarantine for 10 days after arrival in Norway. If you are covered by the quarantine obligation, you cannot travel on to Svalbard until after the end of the quarantine period. This main rule applies to everyone who wants to travel to Svalbard, also for permanent residents.

Published 9/1/2020

The Governor has the authority to make decisions on exemptions from the quarantine obligation, but this is an extremely narrow exemption provision that is only intended to cover personnel in critical societal functions and key personnel in important companies and enterprises.

Are you unsure whether you are covered by the quarantine obligation or need more information about the quarantine and travel advice? Visit the National Institute of Public Health's website, or visit for quality-assured and updated information.